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Zeher ( 2001 - hindi )

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Emraan Hashmi Shamita Shetty Udita Goswami Sameer Kochhar Ninad Kamat Vishwajeet Pradhan
Directed By - Mohit Suri
Produced By - Mohit Suri
Category - Drama Romance

Preview - Zeher-A Love Story is 14 reels of pure adrenaline, from the opening sequence of police officer Siddharth Mehra, (Emraan Hashmi) making a drug bust on one of Goa's lovely beaches, right up to the very last shot. Siddharth, we're told through a series of flashbacks, is estranged from his wife and fellow police officer, Sonia (Shamitha Shetty), as the two of them can't see eye to eye, and their relationship is plagued with domestic squabbles and ego hassles. Enter Anna (Udita Goswami), who after an accidental meeting with Siddharth, invites him to her house, in the absence of her garrulous, tormenting, criminal, and wife- beating husband Shaun (Sameer Kocchar), and proceeds to seduce him. Sidd..

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