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The Angrez ( 2006 - hindi )

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Kuntaa Nikkil Ganesh Venkatraman Tara DSouza Somiya
Directed By - Kuntaa Nikkil
Produced By - M. Sridhar Rao
Category - Drama
Preview - The movie revolves around three sets of people. 1. The Angrez - Two guys who come from the US to serve in an IT company. 2. Ismail bhai & gang - A bunch of locals from the Old City Area 3. Annaa & gang - Local gangsters Two Non-resident Indians Pranai and Rochak come to Hyderabad to take up jobs in their friend's company and re-settle in Hyderabad. Based in the old city, Ismail bhai and the gang meet up near Charminar and start their daily routine with gossips, babble and talks of bravery. Ismail bhai is apparently the gang leader and his gang comprises Saleem Pheku- a habitual liar, Jahangir - a self claimed hardcore gangster, Gafoor and Chaus who all follow Ismail bhai throughout the film..

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