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Jogwa ( 2009 - marathi )

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Upendra Limaye Mukta Barve Vinay Apte Amita Khpkar Kishor Kadam Sharvari
Directed By - Rajiv Patil
Produced By -
Category - Drama

Preview - Television and Cell phones have reached most of the villages in India. We talk about reforms but superstition still exits in many villages. The so called society, which treats the Jogtas and Jogtins as children of Goddess, go to the extent of exploiting them with inhuman treatment by branding them as Eunuchs and prostitutes. The latest marathi film ‘Jogwa’ goes on to show the naked truth in such a society in an effective manner. Director Rajiv Patil ( ‘Savarkhed Ek Gaon’ & ‘Sanai Choughade’fame ) takes up this burning issue, which still persists in few villages in India.Set on the backdrop of a village in Karnataka, where Goddess Yelamma’s strong influence leads to interpretation by some mo..

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